Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recycled bag

The girls have been after me for the longest time to make some Juice box bags out for recycled juice boxes.
Yesterday I came across them in a tub that I had put away to"someday finally make"
I decided today is the day and whipped up our first one that is the small size.

I added a little gling,gling to it, but would make my next one mote plan.

I only made this one one juice pack wide but still a nice size.

I tried different kinds on the inside.

All in all a pretty basic project.
Come back tomorrow to see what I found for "tis the season for running noses"

Have a great day Everyone!


  1. That is the cutest bag! I made a recycled bag today too! I will try to get it posted tonight.

  2. can't wait to see it. They are so cute!

  3. I know I have to get busy and make a few more, great Christmas gift ideas.