Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Work

It is a beautiful day out with a high of 21 today. It was already 8 when I awoke this morning. I decided we did not need a fire on and went ahead and made a Quiche for breakfast out of some of the left over ham from last nights supper. I added onions, green peppers, and cheddar cheese. I made hash browns with it and it was a big hit with not a piece left over.
The weeones were off and HB and I dug a few drills of potatoes before having to come in and wash up for Hb's Doctor Appointment at the hospital for a check up on his muscle in his leg that he had operated on last year.
I went to visit with my Mom while he went for the appointment. She still is eating very little and had to have 2 blood transfusions. Poor sole.
We came home and got back into our old cloths and I got the rest of the laundry out on the line and then something happened to the washer. It made a squeak noise and stopped. I am waiting for HB to come back from going to pick up another sawmill to see what went wrong.
I decided to take out some meatball and make up some BarBque sauce and through them into the slow cooker for supper. I will serve it with rice and noodles.
I also have leftovers in Desserts from the week that need to be used up.
I have decided to keep a look out for a bred dairy goat again. I miss ours and would really enjoy another. HB thinks i'm crazy.Well I thought only 2 more years till I get honey bees. (So it could be worse)
Like I don't have enough on my plate. LOL

I picked the last in my veggies as well. I ended up with 26 bags (2cups) grated zucchini and 8 bags cut up.
Another job done.

Well I guess that's all for today, I hope your day is as Weather nice as ours.


  1. Your breakfast sounds so good. I hope that it is nothing serious with the washing machine.

    Have a great evening with your family.


  2. Love the new look! So pretty :) Hope your hubby got a good check-up report. Oh, and certainly do pray your momma gets well soon! Isn't is almost time for your Thanksgiving there? I bet you already have lots of ideas and plans:)Have a great day there :)
    Cary Ann

  3. Your blog looks pretty. I love the fall leaves. Your quiche sounds delicious. I have been meaning to try to make one but never have. I'm sorry your mom is not doing so well. :(

    Have a nice evening.