Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Got The F Word

Yep! We had our first Frost last night. Can you believe it. I knew it was coming as the mornings as well as the nights have been getting so cold.
HB came home from night shift this morning and everything was covered with a white shine.
I always loved Fall as it is my favorite time of year, but I have a hard time first adjusting to the bitter cold. I have began to keep a small fire on in the house already.
Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day,windy but excellent for drying.
I have taken out the winter quilts for the beds and hung them on the line to air out. We put them on the beds last night and the weeones were happy to have them.
I also changed the sheets on the beds to flannel and washed up the cotton ones and placed them away till next Spring.
I stayed up very late last night, to finish up our beets, I did up another 30 pounds and that will make 50 pounds altogether. I can finally say the beets are done.

I still have the carrots to get done,this week.
Another thing I love about Fall is that we get to enjoy lots of stews,soups,and chowder. I always try to have my favorite dutch oven on the wood stove with something simmering away. The best way to warm up after being outdoors.
I also begin to use my aunts pyrex coffee pot and place it on the wood stove to boil away as well (nothing better)
Yes I love FALL !!!!!
I wish you all a great Sunday with your Families.


  1. Yikes! Frost already! We haven't had frost yet, but I know it's coming. I would love to have a wood stove that I could set a big pot of soup on. :)

    Have a great Sunday.


  2. We've had frost and a hard freeze already. It hit 25 degrees a couple of nights last week. That puts an end to the garden.
    Soups sure do sound good now. Maybe a potato cheese???

  3. Yucky! I am not ready for that. We still have tomatoes, nectarines, prune plums, peppers, and grapes to do. Hopefully ours will hold off for another month.

    Have a great evening.