Monday, September 26, 2011

Indian Summer Fall Visit

We had a beautiful weekend both weather wise and family

I hope it was as good for all of you and your families.
The weather was hot humid and to nice for this time of year. (A real Indian Summer I guess)
My aunt and Uncle arrived around 2 Friday afternoon and we never stopped. They left this morning after breakfast and it was a great visit. The weeones were so sad t see them leave. Poor Jill had tears at the bus top this morning.

My Mom was so shocked to see my Aunt at the hospital. We did a lot of visiting (which put my Mom's spirits up) and ate way to much while they were here.
All in all a perfect weekend!

Now back to normal, it seems so quite here in the house this morning. I had to put some music on as I could here a pin drop. HB is on day shift,the weeones are at School and the puppy is sleeping. AHHH!
I got the line filled with laundry, ran the dishwasher early this morning as well as made rolls,bread, and took out some chicken for Supper. I think I will have rice with it and toss garden salad with rolls. Dessert will be a lemon pie (as I have so many eggs right at the moment and need to use some up)

Tomorrow I need to restock the cookie jar, so I am looking for any new cookie recipe that any of you might have tried lately.

I also am going spent my morning tomorrow making pie crusts to freeze as I am down to only 3, and with Pumpkin pie season in only a couple of weeks I will go through so many.

HB is off Wednesday to Sunday night, and besides getting the grain in we have to take some time this week and get our meat birds done up,As we just lost 2 in 2 days(not sure why). along with the turkeys and geese need to go as well.  Then right after Thanksgiving we need to do up out beef and pork.  YEP! and in there some where try to get the rest of the addition done before November so the girls can have there Birthday Parties at home (As we have no room )
AND for the studio well I can say I am finally ready to OPEN!!!!! OCTOBER 1st. (Open from 9 to 1 and one class that day)
Also that night I am going to see Travis Tritt in the city with a friend as a gift for me at 8.

OK! I know what you are all thinking "how come she puts so much on her plate at once?" Well........ I guess I just love to keep going. and I don't think I trade it for anything. I'm loving the country life.....
Have a great day everyone!!!!!


  1. You do have lots to get done! Your schedule sounds nice and full. :) How exciting to have your studio opening so soon!

    Have a great Monday!


  2. You sure are going to be busy. I am so glad that you had a great visit. It is always fun to have family come to our place.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  3. Thanks Girls I love keeping busy,and yes my visit was nice.