Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I apologize  for not blogging much sooner,but these last couple of weeks have been really crazy here on the farm. I will update you on a brief recap of our last 2 weeks beginning with myself just not feeling well. I had a terrible mingraine and it lasted 3 days at the same time that my poor Mother had to be readmitted back into the hospital.
She had done well when she first came home (she had a good three weeks) then she went down hill her body was played out from doing nothing. Since she had been back in she has done much better. She was transferred to a bigger and much better hospital yesterday three hours away. She had a operation today for the blockages in her other leg and is recovering well. We are going to visit her tomorrow.
ok back tot he beginning
Hurricane Irene hit us with a lot of rain and wind. We did loose power for a day, but we were lucky enough to be able to run the generators. We had a lot of fallen trees and we did have a bit of fencing to do. The gardens flooded and are just beginning to come back along with my flower gardens. My fiber studio had three leeks but we worked very hard to clean up and patch the roof.

So we were very lucky. I hope all my blogging friends were also as lucky.
We have a new addition added to our family. We traveled 4 hours last Tuesday evening to go and get her, and had a long drive home in the dark. But it was sure worth every moment of it.Her name is Francesca (or Franie as I like to call her)

She is our 9week old Mini Dachshund. We have all wanted one for about 2 1/2 years now and finally our dream come true adopting this one.
She loves to travel and follows us everywhere we go.
Also besides having headaches, running to the hospital to visit my Mom,cleaning up after a hurricane, traveling to get a new puppy, we have been trying to get some hay made. (yes I know we are so late,but the weather has not worked with us this year.)
HB has been spending most of his time with me when he is off in the rain working on the new addition so we can finally move in as our little home has become TO little. We have made a lot of progress and I will post some pics of that on a later post.
I have got to do a little decorating down in the house as well, I painted this old milk crate to stand and become a table to show off my little lit houses.

As I was in such a creative mood I went a step further and used a couple of old wooden fish crates and made them into a book shelf to add a little more rustic country to the house.

 See that little red box on the floor, I got this at the Dollar store and it so pretty. (best part only $1)
Now in the middle of these crazy couple of weeks, we had some pretty terrible weather. One of the storms blew out our TV and HB came home one with a new TV
Our very first Flat screen.
To be honest I was a little upset spending a lot of money right at the moment, but now after watching some great movies with the family, I will admit I love it.

So there you have it, where I have been for the last little while. Tomorrow we are going to visit Mom and then the weeones are off to School next Tuesday I can not believe Summer is gone.


  1. Wow! You have had a lot going on. I have missed your posts. So glad that all is well now. I hope that your mom will recover quickly. Your little dog is so cute.

    I love your studio picture. It sure looks nice and cozy. Have a great evening.


  2. I was wondering where you've been! I was worried :) Oh, your dog is the cutest! I be he is spoilt already :) I am so glad you did not get a lot of damage from the storm. I can't wait to see the pics of your new room. I love all the cute decor you put in your rooms! And I never tire of seeing the picture of your studio! I wish I had one. It looks so cozy and warm :) I will keep your momm in my prayers! I hope she can recover soon and go home. Bless your heart, you must be worn out! I do hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I am sorry your mother is back in the hospital. I hope she gets out soon. Your milk crate and fish crate shelves are so cute. I love your little lit houses. Francesca is the cutest puppy. I babysit our friend's mini dachshund and she is super fast and loves to chase cats :) Your new t.v. is so nice. Ours is almost 10 years old and the color comes and goes. I dread when we will have to buy a new one.