Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Chat

Good day! The sun is finally trying to come out and the rain is now behind us for awhile.
The weeones started school yesterday and it rained so hard in the morning. They were all super excited to get there and see all their friends they have missed all Summer.
They got off the bus and never stopped talking about their day until after supper, and in between bites of supper,and dessert.
Ok here's my recap for the last few days.

My Mom got transferred back to the hospital yesterday and I went to visit her last night. She seems to be doing well.
Hb worked on the new addition for the house last evening till dark and it is coming along finally. (even in the heavy rains) Gotta love him!!!!
The veggies in the garden are still hanging on seeking for sun a little heat to finish up.
We just finished closing up the pool for the fall and the weeones were sad know that the season is done. (They love the pool)
I began to decorate the house for Fall. (table cloth, candle holders, towels)
Last night's supper was club houses,homemade fries and mac salad. (Left over turkey from the night before)
Tonight's supper is shepards pie with garlic bread, and toss green salad. Poor man's pudding for desert.
Trying to catch up with some laundry as it has became a mountain in there,with all the rain we could not put any out.
Sitting by the mailbox waiting for a amazing book that I have always wanted but never could find for cross stitching. (finally found it on ebay) THINKING WINTER PROJECTS ALREADY!!!! It's a long winter here.

Well I better get up and keep going. The day is passing by so quickly.
TATA for now


  1. You have had a lot of rain. Our laundry stacks up as well with the rain.

    Your suppers sound really good. So glad that your mom is closer to home.

    Have a great day and I hope that your kids have a great day in school.


  2. I'd love to have the recipe for that Poor mans pudding! I bet your house is quiet with the kids all gone back. I do hope your mom gets better so she can go home. I need to start decorating for Fall. The year has flown by so fast! I closed out my blog but will stay on to visit with others. I am currently making a new blog page at wordpress (If I ever figure it
    Hope you have a great week!
    Cary Ann