Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Day New Beginnings

Well we had a little bit of a chill this morning. I got up and decided it was cool enough to burn the garbage paper in the wood stove and to through a couple small blocks of wood in with it. The weeones enjoyed the heat while having there breakfast.  I made oatmeal and grill cheeses and put out orange wedges to go with it. They drank up the rest of the cider that was left in the fridge as well.
They all made it to the bus and were in smiles this morning. (yesterday was a sad day with my and uncle leaving)

Jayne and Jill were both very unhappy when they got home from school yesterday. Jill was upset because there is a little girl in her class that is a real bully and gives her a hard time. I guess she pushed Jill out of line and was very mean to her. Jill being so soft hearted broke down and held it in till she got home. We have had problems with this little girl in the past and had to go into the school before, but things were going good for awhile then now we are going to have to nip it in the bud again. (right away) It is hard when the parents of or parent on the other side is not a Mother type Mom (if you know what I mean)
Jayne well poor Jayne. Jayne loves to talk and it gets her into trouble all the time. She has a boy on either side of her that love to talk as well. Instead of moving the talkers around the teacher is leaving it this way. Well Jayne had her three chances on Friday to stop talking and then she got a note home for me to sign.Instead she left it in her locker and forgot to tell me (She says) with all the going ons this weekend around here. Yesterday she had a note in her agenda for me asking to sign her slip and return it. When I asked about it, she broke down and told me what happened, and said she left it in her locker again. So I had to write a note to the teachers today explaining it, and that she will be bringing it home tonight. She was pretty upset with the whole thing and I know she feels bad for not telling me right away. Days like this I wish I home schooled.

I told the girls this morning today is a new day, with a new start. They felt a lot better.

They both looked so cute last night right into there math homework.

I have my pie crust dough in the fridge chilling while I blog,and read my daily ones. I decided to put on a pot of veggie soup this morning too,and make homemade mac and cheese (comfort food) YUM! for supper tonight with garlic bread and a left over salad.
This way I will also have leftovers for the weeones lunch tomorrow.

Today is HB last shift till Sunday night and poor thing has been fighting a cold and it has finally hit him. He coughed a lot during the night and I gave him some honeycomb before he left this morning. At least he will have a few days to get better by having a few extra hours sleep in the mornings.

OK on a happier note. I got a new book in the mail a few days ago.
It is a new Winter cross stitch project for me.

I love Paula Vaughan prints and got this book off of Ebay.

This is the one I want to do. I love quilt print cross stitches.

Can't wait to get started.

Well I guess the dough is now chilled enough and I still need to make some cookies for the jar. Have a great Fall day everyone.


  1. I love the Paula Vaughn designs. I have done a few of them. I hope that your HB gets over this cold quickly. We have had to deal with bullies and it isn't fun. I hope that you can get it nipped in the bud.

    Have a wonderful day. Your supper sounds really good.


  2. Thanks Cheryl, I am sure he will be better soon.

  3. I am sorry your girls are having troubles at school. I hope they had a much better day today. Your cross stitch book looks so nice!