Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Weekend Recap

We had a nice weather wise weekend. The weather has sure became Fall like since the weeones went back to school. We have even began to put small fires on in the mornings to take the chill out of the house.
The weeones have settled in nice at school and are happy to be back.
Jill made the cutest bookmark at school this week.
Owls have became a favorite in our home over the last year.
I thought this was such a cute idea and the wings and head get placed over one side of the page while the back is on the other.
Friday evening we went out to supper with a other couple. The husband works away and when he comes home we always try to go out to supper. It was very nice and we enjoyed our time together.

With Fall arriving here the flowers are showing many signs. The annuals are turning to seed and I have been collecting almost every day now. While I was out collecting I noticed the flowers I had planted in a old cedar stump were still very pretty.

I even noticed a bumble bee taking his last of necter for the winter months ahead.
I walked throughout the flower garden deciding where we might need some changes for next year and where  some perennials need to trimmed and divided up as they have taken a little over. While I was walking I also came across these most beautiful mushrooms.

Besides owls our family has taken a real liken to mushrooms as well.( this one almost looks fake)

Hb has been busy this weekend working on getting the roof on and finished on the new addition to the house.

The days seem to take so long for the dew to lift that yesterday when the dew did lift after lunch we ended up getting a rain shower,so he had to stay working on the rook instead of making hay.

I put a boiled dinner on for supper tonight and we have bread a rolls rising and the girls will help me make pistachio squares for desert.

This afternoon we are going to visit my Mother at the hospital she is doing well and we are hoping that she will be able to come back home this week.

Well I hear my washer stopping so I must go and hang out yet another load on the line.
Have a great Sunday Everyone.


  1. That is a cute bookmark! I like your cedar stump flower pot, and the flowers are pretty too. That mushroom is so perfect that it does look fake. You are going to have tons more room when your addition is finished!

  2. Yes we are, and I am so excited to get it done. Maybe I can put the Christmas tree on that side this year.
    I think I am going to blow up that picture of the mushroom and hang it.
    Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. The recipe you sent me was delcious! We will definatly be making it again (and again)! I love all of your flowers and that is one super cute bookmark! That looks like it's going to be a huge room when it is done! I know your gonna love having all that extra space!
    Have a great week,
    Cary Ann
    (new bloggy countryletters.wordpress

  4. SO excited to hear about the new blog Cary ann. I will be checking it out for sure. Take care and I am glad you enjoyed the pudding.

  5. The flowers are beautiful. I love the one with the bee. The mushroom one is great as well. You are coming along great on the addition. It will be so nice to be able to spread out some.

    Have a great day.