Monday, September 19, 2011

The Mystery Coffee Cake Recipe

Good morning, it was a 2 degree morning (Yep more frost) so the wood fire was on early. (I was smart and got it set up last night before going to bed)  It is suppose to reach a high of 18 today. It is also moose hunting season here this weekend so the hunters will be happy to see some cooler temps.
I made the weeones some oatmeal, fried eggs, and toast for breakfast. They dressed warm and were there thin mittens and hats as well. Got everybody off and running and HB came in and went to bed for a bit as it was his last night shift. (now he will be off till Saturday)
My Father told me yesterday that his sister is coming home from Ontario with her husband on Friday and will be staying with us for the weekend. (they are bringing there trailer along as well and will sleep in there)
I am happy to have her come and will spend a lot of the week preparing for their visit.
We watched our first show the season last evening of Heartland. We watch this as our family together night on Sunday nights, and I usually make some sort of treat to go along with it. To bad with HB's new job he was unable to start the season with us, but will join in next week.
Now for the title of my blog post today.
Well...... A while back I found a recipe for a easy simple coffee cake. I made and everyone including myself loved it.
I was not even fast enough to get a pic of it before they got into it.

 Jayne has been after me to make it again and when I went looking for the recipe I could not remember where I found it. I thought that I got it off of one of the daily blogs I read. I remember seeing the pic of it in a square pan but I decided to put mine in a tub pan.
Well I have been looking for this recipe ever since and no luck so far. (I guess I should have put in my recipe box right away)
If anyone has it or remembers seeing it about a month or so back,please do let me know.

I put on Beef Stew on for Supper tonight (it smells soooo good in here) ,and since it is Monday well yep you guessed it I am making bread.
I am also going to whip up a poor man's pudding for Dessert and If I have enough cream left in the fridge I will whip that too.
I have some laundry to go put out on the line,and I need to take some time today and get some laundry soap made as I am getting low (scrapping bottom)
I also received my call from the general store advising me that my annual order of flour has arrived. I always order it in through them as a special order, in 50 pound bags as it is so much cheaper. So I will nedd to run into town and get my order.
So I better head out to the cloths line and get busy. Take care and I wish you all a great Fall day.


  1. You are much colder than we are. We haven't had to have heat yet, just sweatshirts. The coffee cake looks wonderful. I hope you are able to find the recipe. Your supper sounds delicious. I hope you have a great visit with your aunt.

  2. Oh,gloves already! We're still in shorts and flip-flops :) I watched the show too.I really like it. I can't wait to see what happens on it is not turning out as I had :)I hope you can find your recipe or at least find one that's like it. It looks yummy! I hope you enjoy the visit with your family.
    Many Blessings,
    Cary Ann