Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back To School

Well I guess I can not say good morning, but yet good afternoon. I am late with my daily post today. I have had a busy morning. Beginning with the weeones heading back to school this morning. I was up early and made a ham, cheese and veggie quiche. We had toast made from homemade bread and raspberry jam. Yum! The lunch boxes were packed with loads of treats made with love to help them get through there day. After they left I cleaned up and HB got the barn work done.
Then HB and I with the help from a friend got the last cow butchered and put to hang in the cooler. We were also give 6 meat birds about 2 weeks ago from a person who could not bare to butcher them, we did this at the same time. The only problem with doing all this this morning was that it was a bitter -28 out there. It sure felt good to take breaks and come and warm up by the stove. 
We finished shortly after lunch and came in and I made up sandwiches,and left over pasta salad. I think I am beginning to warm up now. 

Yesterday the girls and I went into the town to pick our grocery items for the next couple of months. Yes I said months. With the cold weather here, it is almost impossible to leave the house for more then a couple of hours. The roads have become hard to drive on and very slippery. The plows go only once to twice a day now for the bus. So we try not to go out as much. 
We do go out just not as far into the town unless it is a really nice day and someone is around the house. 

While we were out getting grocery  we found a couple new kitchen items that I needed to have. the first was a new stock pot. This pot is great and I already used it today to cook the chicken in and pasta for the chicken spaghetti that I made for supper. 
I just love this pot as it has a little hole at the top to release steam and prevent over spilling. I got this for $17.

The other is a new juicer as my old one had stopped working a little while back and we all missed it so very very much.
This was a little more expensive then I thought it would be but it is what we wanted. This juice extractor was $60.
I try not to think of the price as we get so much good out of using this.

Like I said tonight's supper was chicken spaghetti, we are having green garden salad with garlic bread. 
The weeones will be home any moment now and they will be starving so I better go get things together. I missed them so much and can't wait to see them.
Take care and stay warm.


  1. I hope your kids had a great first day back to school! Your stock pot and juicer look so nice!

    Have a great night!


  2. Thanks Vicki
    they did, they came home and never stopped talking at the supper table. I was so happy to hear them.

  3. I read your above comment and was glad to hear the kids had a great first day back to school :) I love your new stock pot and juicer. I need me a stock pot! That juicer will surely help you with all your oranges :)How nice to get your beef butchered and free chickens as well. Me and hubby butchered our chickens this past weekend.So nice to have all that fresh meat. Hope you all have a great day.
    Cary Ann

  4. Your stockpot and juicer look nice. I'm glad you were able to get them. I'm sure they will be well used. Enjoy your day and God bless.