Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Dream That Is Becoming Reality

Good Morning. I wanted to finally take a few moments and share a little of my dreams that are finally coming together.
Last summer we began to add a new addition (which would become a new living room and master bedroom) to our home.

 After months and months of HB on his spare time working all my himself with only a little help from me, finally got it together.

HB finished all the hard work while I varnished the walls and helped with the floor. We busted out the wall one week before Christmas so that I could have my 9 foot tree.
So we managed to get the living room done and now we need to go behind that lovely stained french door and work at the master bedroom.

Sorry about the cloudy pictures,but the sun was really bright this morning. As you can see we still need to do a few minor adjustments like a railing on the staircase.

The ceiling needs to be finished in boards that HB has sawed.
The new light fixtures also need to be put up.

I love how the 2 big windows let in so much sun,and how much I can see. I can't wait to plant new flower beds outside them this Spring.

The opening needs a few little touches but I love the step.

Even Francesca loves to be over here.

I am finally having a table that my whole family can sit around and not touch each other. A real dining room finally.

So like I said it is a dream of mine that is finally becoming Reality. I have loads of ideas still to come to these little areas of my tiny home,and I plan on sharing them every step of the way.

Take care and have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for visiting me. I have been reading your posts and so enjoy them. It is certainly cold where you live. I am not a big fan of - temperatures. Your new room looks beautiful. I'm sure it will be put to good use. I love the wood walls. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. I am in love with your new addition! I love the walls, floor, and mostly all that space!

    Francesca is the cutest!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  3. Thanks Vicki I am loving the space too.

  4. Your new room looks wonderful. I love the looks of the walls. That is one tall tree that you had.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  5. Thanks I still need to put things up on these walls though. I was wanting to put a wagon wheel on the wall behind the couch,however when I went to the old building that we call the john deere shed.(Is the building that housed the JD tractor as I grew up as a child) it was way to big. I wish I could find a smaller one. They are so expensive t buy. I might use the big one in our new master bedroom.
    The tree was huge. thanks

  6. That looks lovely! All that room. I like all of the wood, do you own your own sawmill?

  7. Thank you and yes we do own our own sawmill

  8. So Beautiful, Jessica! I know you are soo proud of it! I bet the kids have been enjoying all the extra rooms too! I love those big windows too! Now you can just sit and look out and daydream about Spring coming :) Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! Your hubby did an AWESOME job!
    Cary ann