Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Good morning. We had a little break for a few days from the cold, but now are back to freezing temps again. -31 when I got up this morning.
HB left for work early and stocked the fires, so when I got up it was toasty warm and I just had to add wood. I had my morning coffee and sat in the living room and enjoyed the view. I wanted to be quite so the girls could sleep. I finished up a pair of wool socks for Jill and started on Jayne's.
Jill picked the colors out for hers.

These took me a little longer,they are such small stitches.
But were well worth the turn out.

Yesterday morning the girls went to there Kids Scrap. They had a ball doing their Christmas layouts.

Jayne is missing one picture in her squares and asked me to print off one more of her Monster high dolls to put there.

Jill already put hers in her album.

They are going to take them to show Nanny at the hospital today.

When I went to pick them up we found some pretty Valentines paper we just had to have to make Valentines with.

We got 2 of each and the girls are super excited to work on valentines this coming week.

We went and picked up Justin at my inlaws and he got a lot of beef jerky made. He had a great time and then decided to spend the night away again at my Dad's. They spent there night eating jerky and watching hunting shows.

I made Nachos for super last night and the girls and I watched TV till HB got home. He brought in wood and settled in the living room with us. It was a early evening as we were all pretty tired.

Today we are going up to the hospital to visit with Mom. I took some chicken out for super and will have it with baked potatoes and green salad for supper.
Tonight is our Heartland TV show, We will have some popcorn for a treat.
I sat this morning and decided on my menu for the week.

Monday   lasagna with garlic bread. poor mans pudding for desert.

Tuesday   pork roast and potatoes, veggies, and lemon pie for desert.

Wednesday  meatballs and rice with honey garlic noodles, brownies for desert.

Thursday    Pot roast. desert????

Friday  Hamburgers,homemade fries,and ice cream for desert.

Time to go and fill the wood stoves again. take care and enjoy your Sunday.


  1. The girls craft pages are so cute!You did such a great job on those socks!They look so warm and cozy. I love Heartland too.I recently got caught up in that show "once upon a time". It's pretty good.And then when it goes off I watch Masterpeice on PBS which is showing "Downton Abby". And that wraps up my Sunday night I only watch tv on Sundays and sometimes a movie on Sat. but the rest of the week we do not turn it on. I hope your mom was in good spirits today. Hope you all have a great week :)

  2. The socks are beautiful. Your menu sounds good. I still haven't planned mine yet for the month and it is half way over.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family.