Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally Friday

Good morning. It feels great to be back into a routine. HB and I got up around 4ish this morning, checked the fires,checked outdoors as we were expecting snow last night. We only got a couple of inches and checked on the animals. I got the lunches done up for the day and HB had breakfast and was on his way to work. I got the weeones satchels packed as well, topped off the fire and sat with my java to read all those daily bogs(on of my favorite things to do)
I did not get to blog yesterday as I was very busy cleaning and preparing the studio for a day full of wool. I am open today and have a spinning class for the most part of it.
Some of the sheep were out in the snow yesterday enjoying a little warmer temps.

The weeones are going to be disappointed this morning when they wake up as they were so hoping for a snow day. (Yep even after only a three day week)
It might have been only a three day week, but it seemed like a very long one being off for three weeks. I found the weeones a bit tired and just not themselves this week. I am so happy they will have the weekend to relax.
HB works the weekend so I am going to spend mine cleaning out my bedroom. I have a very tiny room (thus for the decision for the new addition master bedroom) and it is piled to the ceiling with boxes of cloths, piles of cloths, baskets of cloths, and craft stuff,and bedding,and toys, did I  mention all the cloths,and I think there might even be a couple of suitcases in there as well. So I need to finish the job I started before Christmas packing off Season cloths in the boxes and make room.
The girls have there monthly kids scrap class tomorrow as well, from 10 to 12:30 this will give me time to go and see my Mom. She is doing really well and is back at physio. Her appetite  is also coming back and her legs as healing well from the operations.
Justin saved and bought another new skidoo on Monday.
You might remember last Winter when he worked on his other one.
I remember this one but he has graduated this one to a real seat cover now and not a trap. hehe!
he has his new one in the garage and has been doing some changes to it ever since and has been working on it every night this week. He is taking a little break from it this weekend and is going to spend the weekend with my Mother in law as they are making beef jerky and he always helps her with this. She moves into her green house and they put a fire on and do it in there.

*********** As I type this the radio has just announced  NO school today due to a freezing rain warning in effect for this morning************
The weeones are going to be sooooooo excited......
I will be extra quite this morning so they can sleep in and make them some waffles for breakfast when they awake.
 I will have a couple of little helpers in the studio with me today. I always love having them in there with me.
We decided to take out some donair meat out of the freezer yesterday and make  donairs for supper tonight as a change.
Well I wish you all a great weekend and if you don't here from me in a few days it is probably because I got buried in cloths.
Take care and have a great family weekend everyone.


  1. I'm sure your little ones will be happy to spend the day at home. I plan on using google to find out about donair meat as I have never heard of this. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. I was wondering what donair meat was. I have never heard of it. What are you gonna turn you old bedroom into after you've moved into your new one. I LOVE riding on I know if I lived where it snowed I would HAVE to have a skidoo! It looks like such fun!Do you go riding on them? I so enjoyed seeing your picture of the sheep ! They are so pretty. YAY for a snow day for the kiddies! I hope they enjoy their day :)
    Cary ann

  3. Oh yes you must all try donairs. They are sooo yummy! My next post will be a little bit about them as I was not aware that they are more of a Canadian food.
    thanks so much ladies for letting me know this.