Friday, January 6, 2012

Tooth Ache Dilemma

The weather has not let up yet. Another -25 out there this morning. (at least no more snow this way, asit is to cold to snow) I was up to keep the fires going throughout the night.
I was also unable to sleep all night due to a terrible tooth ache that has been bothering me since Christmas. I was able to control it with advil up to this point, but having to take them every 3 hours instead of 4,now last night they did not help. I usually have pretty healthy teeth, with only a few problems in the past. Ever since I had my children I have had my first and only tooth problems. I am totally convinced that it has to do with calcium deficiency.
I will call on Monday and try to book a appointment for net week when HB will be off or after Wednesday as the weeones will back at school. The dentist is about a half hour away.
Yesterday we finished up those delicious Cinnamon Rolls (and no I did not eat any) but the smell in here was to die for. Ree was right by saying I could sell tickets with the smell going on in my kitchen.
 I ended up with 6 pie plates filled with that ooey gooey goodness.

The weeones played out doors in the afternoon when things warmed up a bit. They went sliding again and Justin spotted a weasel by the barn. He set a rat trap with a little ground beef on it and tucked it at the back in the crack where he seen him and where the dogs and chicken and geese can not get in.
But I told him catching a weasel is hard to do as they are very very smart.
I hope Mr. Weasel does not get what is left of my hens.
Justin also worked on Jill's little tiny skidoo yesterday and was able to get it running for her. (My little boy is growing up to fast)
Justin helped his father bring in wood and they filled both wood boxes to the top for the long cold night ahead. (which I used a lot)

My supper turned out good as well. I love that rice recipe

Chinese Rice

1lb of hamburger
1 small onion
1C celery sliced
cook until brown

3/4 C water (I use a Cup)
3T Soya sauce
1/2 C. rice (long grain)
1T. brown sugar
1 can of bean sprouts NOT drained.
combine in to a 2 qt. casserole dish. Bake uncovered for 1 hr. in a 350 oven.

we served ours with left over salads and fried pork chops, with rolls.

I spent the most of the day in the kitchen yesterday, so last evening after HB went to work we closed up everything for the night and stayed in next to the cozy fire. The weeones played on the computers, and watched TV while I stitched a bit. I read a couple Chapters from Little Women that I downloaded on my tablet(I never get sick of reading that book over and over)
Then it was a early night for us. (which ended up being a all night for me)

Today I have a dishes that need to be done. I decided they would be alright left in the sink till this morning. I also have some bedding I want to wash up today. unfortunately I will need to run the dryer for these.
We are having pizza and garlic fingers for supper tonight, and I should take a drive to my inlaws to pick up a bag of goodies she has there for me.
She has been wanting me to come and get a few things that she dug out of her craft cupboard when she cleaned hers. Also I am looking for a very small hoop for those little quilts I am working on. She has on she is lending to me that her grandmother bought for her when she was 6. (amazing)
She has a few good magazines for me and she also cleaned out her deep freeze and has way to many blueberries. I use so many Blueberries, so she new I would love them.

I made my meal list until next Friday and need to only pick up a few little things in town next week before the weeones go back to school.

Saturday   Chinese menu (rice, garlic spareribs, eggrolls and cherry chicken balls)
Sunday     Chicken partridge bouillon with homemade bread
Monday    pulled pork mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob
Tuesday    boneless steak in the oven with gravy and baked potatoes cheese noodles,and rolls
Wednesday Chicken Spaghetti Casserole, garlic bread
Thursday     Meatloaf, boiled potatoes,and veggies
Friday ????

Oh I here movement upstairs, meaning the weeones are waking up. I must go and begin the pancakes for breakfast.
Take care and have a warm cozy day everyone.


  1. Oh, I hope your tooth is feeling better this morning! Your cinnamon rolls look so, so good. Your menu sounds good too.

    Have a nice day.


  2. Thanks Vicki
    Those cinnamon rolls are amazing out of the Pioneer Women cooks cookbook. I also see it on her site
    Give it a try. The kiddies will love them.
    As for the tooth I am feeling a bit better now,but I think it will be a early night for me.