Saturday, January 7, 2012

What do you do where life gives you to many oranges? besides making Orange Juice

Before Christmas the Middle school had their fund raiser. Oranges for sale. I bought a big box from Justin and we hardly put a dent in the box. But now they need to be used up. I made muffins, the weeones made a big pitcher of orange juice for Breakfast yesterday and then my Mother in law gave me a huge shopping bag from her box that needed to be used up as well. that put my box full again. Hummmmm! Now what.
I do have a idea from a good blogging friend that will use a few more.
Does anyone have any ideas? I am looking for some good recipes for cakes,cookies, muffins or pretty much anything else to try to use them up without loosing them. We can only eat so many.

Besides that we had a pretty good and normal day. We slept in which I really needed not having slept the night before. The weeones had oatmeal for breakfast with honey. and orange juice.
I cleaned the kitchen counters down with bleach and did some laundry. Ran the dishwasher and went out to help Justin with the barn work. Lunch was just leftover soup and sandwiches. HB got up after lunch from night shift. He was not feeling the best as he got a welding flash from work and had a headache.
I made his sandwiches and finished the final touches on Supper.
We had a lovely Chinese feast for Supper. I ate to much as usual. We all did.
HB left for work and Justin went to my Dad's for the night.
The girls and I took it easy tonight and had our jammies on early. We watched Disney's UP and then I went on the tablet for awhile checking on a few of my favorite blogs.
I guess it is getting pretty late so I am off to bed.
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. We would love to have some good oranges! We bought tangerines last week and they had some kind of gel on the inside-yuck! Fresh orange juice sounds so good.

    We really enjoy the movie UP, but I think it has a few sad parts.

    Have a good night.


  2. yes it does have sad parts. That's to bad about your tangerines,if they are as much there as they are here then it would be even worse as they are very expensive.

  3. My favorite thing to do with oranges (and lemons) is to dehydrate them. I just dry mine in thin slices and stick them in my tea and even in my water (as it gives your water a little boost of vitamin)...and can be put in your summer lemonade to give it some color and a little twist on flavor..and etc..etc..I could go on and on. I LOVE dehydrated citrus :) We enjoy the movie always makes me sad in the beginning. Hope you have a great day !
    Cary ann