Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little Update

Good Morning. We awoke to some big snowflakes falling this morning. But seem to be lifting off now. The weeones are still in bed and HB is trying to work outdoors quietly as they sleep in.
I want to start my post today my first Thanking every ones gentle comments yesterday for my Mom. Your comments lift me and always make me feel do much better. It is good to know that I have a blogging community of friends I can depend on. Thank you that means the world to me.
Secondly I apologize for the terrible spelling errors in yesterday's post, as I typed and did not realize that the spell check was not on.I guess my mind was not with me. I am also catching a cold and have been fighting it all together to keep going. So again I do apologize  for the typing error.
and thirdly my Mother is doing very well. She is able to take her pain meds now and breathing is much better. She looks not bad and her color is good. She is eating as well. We are so blessed for this. I am sure she will continue to do well in her recovery.
I want to get get back to telling about my exciting gift was from HB and the children for Christmas.
(I gave a little hint a few posts back)
Well her it is a brand new Tablet.

Now I can check my blogging friends blogs, blog myself,and keep up where ever I go. I can take pictures and blog them right away to my posts.
I was so excited.

Here are a few more of my lovely gifts I received as well
A brand new rotary cutter.

and this great and so true sign for my laundry room.

But my best gift of all was my Mother coming home for the holidays.

The weeones also gave me sweet Christmas scrapbooked cards as well.(made where they went to there last scrapbooking class)

The weeones also received a beautiful scrapbooked treat from their Auntie Alice.
A gift card holder
and inside
there was a gift card from the girls favorite girly store called Ardene's http://www.ardene.com/

Justin got one from Wal mart as well.

So SI must go and check on the bread as it rises and the beans are in the oven cooking for supper. I also am getting ready to put on a pot of Hamburger soup in the crock pot to have on hand as well.
I will get the girls to help me later today to make biscuits.
I wish you all a wonderful day.


  1. What a great present. I am glad that your mom is able to breath better and is able to take the pain meds.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. So glad to hear your mother is doing better. I love your Christmas gifts especially the laundry sign! We are getting some snow flurries today, but tomorrow is supposed to be back up to the 40's. I can't wait. Your house sounds so cozy with beans and soup cooking!

    Have a great day.


  3. Oh I love to smell beans simmering on the stove and fresh bread rising. Yummy comfort food! So glad your mom is feeling better! Love all of your gifts! I bet you are loving your new tablet! As for the spelling...I never even noticed the first misspelled word. I don't even use spell check so I ALWAYS have misspelled words. Sometimes my fingers type faster then my brain thinks..LOL :) Hope you and the wee ones have a great day !
    Many Blessings,
    Cary Ann

  4. Hi, Jessica, we do live fairly close to shopping. It is only half an hour to Wal-Mart, Target, a mall, and grocery stores. We are about an hour from Toys R' Us, but we don't go often.

    I hope your family is having a great day.