Monday, January 9, 2012

Owl Craft Swap

Good morning. The weather has seemed to warm up out there just a tiny bit and HB just got home from his last night shift. He will be off till Friday so I am hoping to get some work down around here in the next few days. The weeones go back to school on Wednesday and life should get back to norm for a little while,although we are expecting a northeaster snowstorm for Thursday. (A little early in the week yet to tell,so we will just have to wait to see)
Last evening I joined the most amazing thing. A Owl craft swap. I love craft swaps, and owl so I am so excited to get into this one. I received my conformation this morning and know a little about the partner I have been teamed up with.
I am excited and will spend the next few days deciding on what I will make and what fabric I will use.

If You would like to join in, the swap is open till the end of January.

Here the link.

Please let me know if you join in. I think it will be a hoot of a good time.


  1. I am glad your weather has warmed up some. We had another nice, sunny day yesterday. I wish Quentin got lots of days off in a row like your husband! I can't wait to see your owl craft!

    Have a great week.


  2. Thanks I need t put those ideas I have to the test.
    Have a great day Vicki

  3. I bet your gonna have such fun doing your owl crat swap! Hope the kids have a great first day back to school.I'm sure they're excited to see all their friends and tell each other about what they all got for Christmas :)
    Many blessings,
    Cary Ann