Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Enjoying The Holidays

Good morning. We awoke to a very cold morning again, -28.
I filled the fires,and waited for  HB to get home from his first night shift,and to do the barn work while I made the coffee in the keurig. French Vanilla and morning blend.
The weeones stayed tucked in there beds, and are still there. I will wait til they rise before making there breakfast. I think I will use up the rest of the ham that's in the fridge and make grill cheeses with ham for them,as well as fruit salad as the fruit bowl is getting a little ripe.
With getting to bed a lot latter lately they have been sleeping in.

Speaking of my lazy girls, they have been enjoying there holiday break. From sleeping in, to outdoors sliding on the hill, to lazing around in the house enjoying the new toys and gifts they got for Christmas.
Justin is enjoying his as well. Skidooing, sleeping in, and playing video games. He even got to sleep out at his cousins the night before last. The weeones will go back to school from Christmas beak next Wednesday.
As for me I have been spending my evenings sitting my the fire quilting little quilts for the girls new blythe dolls.and playing on my new tablet.
Yesterday I began a batch of cinammon rolls to rise and put the dough into fridge till today when I will finish them up. The girls want to bake some more as well. We made rolls for supper yesterday as well so we will finish up our baking today. We had a roast chicken dinner last night and it took up most of my day in the Kitchen yesterday.
HB goes back to work tonight so we are having oven rice with fried pork chops for supper,and left over salads from last night.
My list to do for 2012 is coming along. I have managed to check off a few things on it already. Last evening I cleaned out the craft cupboard,and reordered my Scrapbooking magazine for the year online. I began to copy down the scrapbooking supplies I need to replenish my stock for the year. I am even thinking of ordering a new tool for my scrapbooking. I also want to make sure that I craft more this year. My Mother in law is now retired and she wants to do the same and teach each other new things. I think that is a great idea. I laughed last evening when she called the girls my "crafty little critters" she felt bad after she said it,but I told her not to and I laughed and said I must use that somewhere. But she is right my weeones are very crafty and I hope to do more crating with them in 2012 as well.
Well I should go and put in a load of laundry, all the best on this chilly day.


  1. Sounds like your little ones are enjoying their break from school. Quentin is off today so we are taking a break for the day. :) I think crafty little critters is a cute name for your girls. I have been in the mood to craft lately. It must be the cold weather. :) Your meals always sound so good!

    Have a great day.


  2. I hope you enjoy your day off with your family. I think it is the cold weather too. I just hope I can get all the crafting done that I want to. hehe! Have a wonderful day Vicki

  3. Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time around there! I've been making my list for the year as well. Hope I can get around to doing them all :)Hope you all have a wonderful day.
    Cary Ann